Are there Ring group extension limits?

Hi there,

I’m pretty sure this isn’t the cause of my problem, but are there any limits to the number of extensions you can have on a ring group?

Having gone away on a break, our main customer service ring group has stopped working correctly without anything being changed. The only thing that I changed before leaving was to add a new extension (and new physical phone) to this ring group.

There were only 10 extensions in the list at this point.

The problem its self, is that now one in four/five incoming calls don’t ring all phones in the ring group. It varies from either being 3-4 of the phones, but not others or some of them ring for a split second then stop, with other phones still ringing OK.

Re-jigging the extension order in the ring group causes the phones at the top of the list to work, but the bottom 2-3 to experience the problems I’ve just described.

Removing the bottom 2-3 extensions, stops the problem all together.

Any suggestions as to the problem?
Incidentally, where about’s -which file- in Asterisk contains ring group membership? I’m currently doing the admin via FreePBX.

Many thanks for any help and suggestions.

FreePBX stores the ring groups in a SQL database that generates the dialplan. Since FreePBX uses an AGI library to dial it’s very convoluted to follow.

Let me ask you this, are all the extensions on the same network? If you do a SIP debug do you see all the invites go out?

My guess is network issue.

You certainly could make a simple custom context that dialed all your extensions, IE: Dial(SIP/111&SIP/222&SIP/333&SIP/444)

As ever SkyKingOH, thanks for the input.

All the extensions are on the same LAN, with one exception of an external fixed-IP extension(which has been in this ring group almost from the very start i.e. over a year).

I’ll take a look at a SIP debug and see if anything shows up. I suspect that the network might be the fault; most of the phones run into an 8 port switch under their desks, then onto the main managed switch in the coms cabinet. to be honest I’ve never trusted the cabling in this office, so its possible that adding a new extension to this set-up has tipped the balance in terms of what the switch/network can handle… especially if there’s a fault in there somewhere.
I’ll debug and report back.
Thanks again

Hi there again,

I suspect it IS a networking error which isn’t great news as its not limited to internal or external (remote) extensions. But just to confirm…
When watching the calls coming in to this ring group i see all the extensions that should be called (rung) show up in the dial macro execution. However, i then see -and this occurs randomly per incoming call- this response for various extensions:
– Got SIP response 400 “Bad Request” back from
–SIP/101-xxxxxxxx is circuit-busy
Like i say this can happen for internal and external (i.e. remote user) extensions and it happens randomly on each new call to this ring group. Sometimes its only one extension, sometimes 5 or more.
Any thoughts for specific things to test and how. Networking issues can be any one of 50 things in this kind of situation, but i guess as its random internal and remote extensions, it would suggest a more “central” source such as the internet router or the Asterisk server itself???
Many thanks