Are there any providers that do not require you to write outgoing call phone numbers in E.164 format?

Twilio, Plivo, a lot of the other Elastic SIP Trunk providers require you to write your calls in E.164 format. This is really not ideal. Instead of writing 087XXXXXX, we have to write 35387XXXXX. I know its not that big of a deal, but its must better being able to type our actual numbers and customer’s numbers into our phone, instead of having to manually edit the number before we click Call.

Is it even possible to set up a VoIP softphone and call with FreePBX with using your countries actual numbers, and not appending your countries code to it?

It truly is not. But if it is a problem to you why not use an the outbound route dialplans to manipulate the number before dialing? Then users can dial the short number, but providers get E164.


Its just a little bit of extra hassle that we don’t have with our current provider 3CX. I can’t implement a system that requires everyone to diall 353 instead of the normal irish number. Thats what my boss said anyway :smiley:

Thank you for that resource, I was wondering if it was possible to do this with dial plan manipulation!

You can though. Put 353 in the “prepend” field in your outbound route and it will add that to your dialed number.

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Thanks guys, it works! That was a lot easier than I thought…

3CX does the same thing, but they set it up during the initial setup phase and its pretty automatic, so you probably never noticed it happen. Just an extra step on Freepbx

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And as a final aside, E.164 is actually [+][country code][the user's number]. It does not start with the country code.

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Thanks, for some reason it works with just appending 353 and not +353. Maybe Twilio accepts both.

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Quite likely.

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