Are there any logs for the zulu client?

i have licensed the zulu module and downloaded and installed the latest zulu windows client. it installs successfully but will not connect to the pbx (running 10.13.66-9), have enabled the zulu service in the extra services tab on the firewall. i have trieddisabling the firewall on my computer and on the pbx but zulu will not connect. it gives no error other than it has a red X through the icon in the system tray. short of using wireshark to see what is actually going out i was hoping that there were some log files either on the client machine or on the server that might help identify where the problem is.

Windows 10 client logs are here:

C:\Users\<win uesr>\AppData\Roaming\ZULU\Logs

In order to successfully register a Zulu client you need:

  1. The Zulu service running on the PBX - see the dashboard
  2. The User must have zulu enabled - see User Manager
  3. The PC must have a clear network path to port 8002 on the PBX
  4. The username and user password as set in user manager.

i figured out part of the answer. i discovered that the zulu node server was not running. starting it fixed the connection issue. i installed the chrome plug in and that does allow me to dial. the last piece is trying to figure out how to dial from outlook. is there a separate outlook plug in?

Get to know the Zulu wiki pages, specifically:

that is how i thought it should work however there is no tapi dialer in the dialing properties so it can’t dial. i had assumed, possibly incorrectly that the installation of the zulu client would also install the tapi dialer. i have installed the zulu client with outlook shut down, tried reinstalling it with outlook running, run the installer as administrator. i have a windows 10 computer running outlook 2016 (Office 365).