Are The Generated SIP Passwords from the Distro Strong?

As the title implies, are the default passwords that FreePBX generates for each extension strong enough to use for SIP extensions? I’ve had issues sometimes when I add any symbols to what FreePBX creates and wanted to find out what the best method is.


Those passwords are SUPER strong. I have to admit, I don’t use them because I make my own passwords that are easier for me to remember but still very complex. My passwords usually are 12+ characters in length and include uppercase/lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

What do you mean that it doesnt work when you add a special character? I use special characters in my secrets and they work. Maybe the default generated password is already using the max length - that would be my guess

Hi Again Reilly!

I use them and just wanted to be extra sure :slight_smile: But I’ve had some instances where I’ve added in special characters and devices simply won’t register unless said special character was removed and it wasn’t a case of max length.


I just noticed if you hover over the question mark (?) next to “secret” settings, it says passwords should be alphanumeric (no special characters)

But like I said, I use special characters in mine and they do work, but maybe its only a problem with some special characters

A possibility… Well good to know!

Could also be a problem that the endpoints won’t allow special characters in the password.

Thank you! This could also be a possibility