Are backups compatible with a different deployment?

i have a different server that i would like to move my system to, mainly because it is more power and space efficient (4U server to 1U). i have scheduled full backups, and i was wondering if i could simply do a fresh install on the other server, activate it, and then restore the backup to it to save configuration time? i would probably do a up-to-the second backup first.
i realize the deployment ID would be different, and the extra modules i have installed will have to be re-installed. so far, i have only installed free modules.


Here’s the thing: Commercial Modules are tied to the deployment ID, you can move your deployment ID to a new server, but that means that the old server will lose all it’s commercial modules.

So if you want to have the commercial modules on the new server, then you’d image the new server with the same distro version and update module on both servers so they’ll be very close with its module built.
The key is, NOT to activate the new server yet.
Run the backup on the old one.
Copy the file over to the new machine and restore.
Once done, follow the instructions here how to reset the hardware lock from your old machine
Then, you’ll have to release it from your current PBX.
Next up is to activate the new PBX, after you sign in with your account, you can edit your personal information, the next page will ask you if this is a new deployment, you need to click “Existing Deployment” and enter the old deployment ID.

However if you don’t want your current Commercial Modules or you want to buy them again on the new server, you can just activate the new server right away with a new deployment ID

ok, so i can retain the deployment ID. that’s very handy.

now, the way i understood the process you described, both servers are up and running at the same time? that brings about a different issue. if the old system is up, with my only 8-port analog FXO card, will it be auto-detected via modprobe if i move it to the new server after the install? i kind of always thought it needed to be installed before the distro install to be found easily by the system.


Sorry, I have no experience with that and can’t answer that.

As far as I understand, usually the device are looking to the PBX IP, you can have two SIP servers on one network, but it’ll look to whichever server you configure.

it is a card inside the server case. not an external device.

that’s, ok. i will figure it out i guess. Thanks for your help thus-far! :slight_smile:


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