"architecture" of the call?

I searched for links and images but found nothing that would answer that. I wanted to understand: What is the “architecture” to make a call?
E.G: Softphone initiates call -> sends to asterisk -> asterisk unzips data …

I think I may be searching for the wrong term. It would be of great help to my understanding if you could explain!

Thank you all and good day :slight_smile:

Placing a call to the outside world:
“Phone” >> “Channel 1: Phone <> Asterisk” >> “Channel 2: Asterisk <> Trunk”

Extension to Extension:
“Phone A” >> “Channel 1: Phone A <> Asterisk” >> “Channel 2: Asterisk <> Phone B”

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Asterisk supports many ‘protocols’ , in your case research ‘the SIP protocol’

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So if my company only makes internal calls using softphone, dont need a trunk?

Correct, they just need a SIP stack and a URL

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@dicko What is a SIP Stack? I’ve googled it and still don’t understand…

It’s the software on the phone and the Voip server that attempts and maintains connectivity between both ends, when necessary it will further negotiate and exchange ‘media’ between them, media is usually audio but not restricted to that media.

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Oh, yes. Now I remember. although, my phone register and don’t let me dial anything. Do you know what can be? I have a print of the error.

(should I make a new post?)

Provide a log of a failed call, make sure you get as much from the wiki as you can.

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