Arbitrary reboots from Snom D385 to FreePBX


I use FreePBX 16.0.19 on a Raspberry Pi and with a Snom D385 phone. The phone reboots several times throughout the day – even during the call.

What could that be? Does that depend on the phone itself or does Freepbx reboot the phone here? How can I best find the cause in the log files? Does anyone of you know the problem and if so, how was it solved?


This sounds like a phone hardware problem. I’ve never seen FreePBX reboot phones randomly. You might need to check with your phone or networking gear vendors for troubleshooting steps.

I already suspected something like that. Do you have an idea how to fix that with the SNOM D385? Any software update?

I don’t have any experience with SNOM hardware, sorry.

Do you use the D385 with PoE or with a Power Adapter? I had a similar issue with another Snom Device and the issue when i limited on the PoE Switch the Output Power to Restrictive. Sometimes, mostly during calls, the Phone need’s more power than PoE provides and then crashes with a reboot.

Now that’s an interesting perspective. I have a PoE switch that powers the phone.
I think the problem has been around for about 9 months, not before that. But I checked that I had another cable connected to the PoE part that doesn’t require external power. I plugged the cable in somewhere else.
Let’s see if the phone reboots again.

The Snom phone has now been running for 24 hours without a reboot. Then the problem was that an additional LAN cable had transferred data to the PoE interface.

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