Aptela Extension as a SIP Trunk

I have a couple Aptela Extensions that I use in other softphones and SIP devices and I was wondering can I use them as a SIP trunk, if so can someone explain how to set it up, I have all the user info, passwords, etc… for the extensions (SIP ACCOUNTS) I just do not know how to get them active as trunks and use them as inbound and outbound routes


Yes, extensions and trunks are setup the same way.

Have you tried to setup a trunk?

All Asterisk variables can be used in the trunk config. This link documents all the settings: http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Asterisk+config+sip.conf

Remember to ignore any info about files and use the FreePBX trunk mnodule.

The trick is to use the minimum settings to make it work. Make sure you set the context to from trunk:

A minimal configuration would be:


Don’t forget to fill in the registration info at the bottom of the trunk page so you can receive incoming calls.

Also you only need to use the incoming peer settings if your provider has different servers for inbound and outbound. This point seems to confuse most newbies. All trunks are two way.

what is the registration supposed to consist of at the bottom of the trunk page? ??
here is all the info that I have from Aptela user info

FTP User ID:160993XX
FTP Password:07000686
SIP Password:J5J88Jf034FkdblZ

sip:[email protected]

Do you know that you can hover a field and get it’s description?

the format is username:[email protected] I believe.

You need more than this, you need your username and server IP to build the trunk.

voip.aptela.com is the server by name do i need the ip numbers or is that fine and I have the full user its as i showed you "sip:[email protected]" with the SIP password

those 3 things allowed me to program a soft phone or SIP phone to work with this extension… is the actual IP for voip.aptela.com which is the VoIP Server that hosts my account and extention (SIP Account)

I don’t know what softphone you are using, you probably don’t need the sip: in front of the URI.

The host field can be either a host name or an ip address. If a hostname you have to have valid DNS on your Asterisk server.

The secret field is the password.

still do not seem to understand what goes in the bottom for Register string

Did you hover over the tooltip and look, the format is documented:

username:[email protected] addresss

so it’s like test:[email protected]