Approval for Call-Recording before entering the queue

we want to enable call recording for our hotline.
So, before setting it all up, i have one question: Is there a way to give the caller the decide to disagree the call recording and let him into the IVR / queue without a recorded call?

So, if there’s no switch to do this, i got a plan to set up three IVR’s.

The first: You want not to be recordet on this call, press 1.
Then, go to main IVR, which is set to a queue and the record-switch to “no”
Or, if the caller agreed the call recording, he can press 2 and lands in the other IVR, with the same queue with the record-switch is set up to “yes”

I think that would be a solution, what do you think?

I would think an IVR that gives a caller a recording choice and then to the Call Recording Module

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Okay, alright.
I’m setting this up for a test in a few days. Thanks for the tip!

If there are more questions, i will post them here.
I’am not sure for now how the call-recording-module will work, but i will find it out.
So, this module is standard for the FreePBX right? i dont see any licence-related warnings in the modullist within the PBX.

Yes it will do what you want… You make an initial IVR with the press 1 for yes and 2 for no.

The 1 for yes will go to the Call Recording destination that is set like this sending the call on to the regular Queue.
Flip the settings for the second call recording and send on to the same Queue.

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Thanks a lot for you answer - i will test this out in a few days.

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