Appointment Reminders

I’ve been looking over the appointment reminder module, and it looks like a very useful tool. So much so that we have purchased a license from Sangoma.

The only thing currently stopping us from moving forward with this as an option is there is a requirement that we confirm the caller prior to playing the reminder.

This is as simple as a message that says, “If this is John Smith, or their parent are guardian, press 1.”

From there, we’d play the reminder. I know the recourse is to submit a feature request, which I will do this week, but I am wondering if there is a way to amend the existing soloution with a few lines of code to help with this prerequisite.

Thanks for any ideas here.

You will need to write something custom. The Appointment Reminder is to send a reminder to a specific person/destination. There’s no confirmation for the callee, as in “Press 1 if you are X, Press 2 if you are Y”. It simply calls the destination, does Machine v Human detection, plays the reminder and accepts DTMF at the end.

What you are looking to do is to get confirmation that the callee is the callee you want and then play a message based on that. That is going to require customization.

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