Appointment reminder is calling before the day start

HI All,
I have purchase Appointment Reminder i have configured I have issue is calling before the day start time the status is Not Running and still making calls is wakening the customers at 05:00 AM when it should not call at that time the start time is 09:00 till 17:00 M-F and Saturday and Sunday is from 11:00 till 17:00

Thank you

Is your system time set to the correct time zone?

Yes the time is right Appointment reminder status switch from running to not running when the time come but still calling out

I Have attached picture showing when the calls happened i have customer calling me a saying the got a call 05:00


If you root into the server (SSH) and type “date” what is the result? does it match your time zone?

[[email protected] ~]# date
Mon Apr 16 11:56:16 EDT 2018

Is EDT (UTC-4) your time zone?


Check Admin>System Admin>Timezone

Also check Settings>Advanced Settings>PHP Timezone

You might have to reboot for these to take effect, if you change them.

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here is the two time settings

Since setting these, has the machine been rebooted? It might be worth trying that, if you can. Another guess would be to try to uninstall and reinstall the module. Short of that, I am stumped. It almost looks like the script that runs appointment reminders is using UTC time.

If you cant reboot or need something quickly while you wait for other ideas, can you just change the appointment reminder campaign times to reflect UTC (i.e. 13:00-21:00)?

HI see i will rebooted tonight but my concern is the status of the appointment reminder goes to Not Running on right time so i don’t understating why it calls when the status is on not running

Thank you for your time

Could be a system issue. What version of Appointment Reminder, FreePBX, Asterisk and OS are you running? You could run updates if you are on older versions, which may resolve issues for you.

Appointment Reminder is also a commercial module. If you open a ticket with Sangoma, they will help you troubleshoot as well. If you figure out a resolution, it would be great to share it here so others with the same issue in the future could see it.

This very much feels like a timezone issue.

You can file a commercial module ticket with

I did file a support case I’m waiting from them to replay back to me

@comtech Version FreePBX , Asterisk 13.19.1, Appointment Reminder .

Thank you for your time

I just got a respond from support he ssh remotly and saw the calls they wore made before start time he said to reboot which i did and do another test if didn’t work to set defferent time.
I have stop calls to customers i have create it new appointment reminder with only my number to test i will let you know how it goes

Thank you

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