Applying Changes - Where to add custom programs

I would like to know where the perl program is being run everytime I click apply changes to server it runs this perl script to reapply the changes to the flash panel.

I am interested in adding my own custom programs to run also after a reload has been triggered in freepbx. Does anyone know what file I need to edit to be able to run other programs everytime the changes are modified?


Ok, thanks

you could go that route and modify retrieve_conf but it will be a headache everytime you do upgrades. (but that is the answer).

You may want to consider doing something like using the #EXEC directive in asterisk (you need):

in your asterisk.conf file. Any output will be included as dialplan code so don’t have it produce any (unless you want), but your can run your script as you see fit. However, this will happen at the asterisk reload time, so this will only work if the timing/sequence of whenit is run meets your needs.