Apply Time Condition to an Extension

I am a completely noob to PBX, so forgive me if I am missing something obvious here…

I would like to apply a time condition to a single extension. I have a part time employee that only works mornings. I have her extension in my IVR set to ring to an outside line (her home phone), but I only want it to do that during certain hours. The rest of the time I want anyone that dials her extension to go directly to her voicemail.

I’ve searched through the forums for hours, but can’t find anything I can make sense of. Thanks!

I would remove her extension and set up a miscelaneous application using her extension number as the access code and direct this to your time condition. Similarly on your IVR use her extension number as an IVR selection and direct that to the time condition.

You could have the true output of the time condition direct to a ring group that would ring the external number and the false output go to voicemail of a new extension you set up for the purpose. The employee could then call in to your IVR and select the new extension number to check her voicemail.

A little ungainly but it will work and off hand can’t think of an easy way of doing it.