Apply settings kicks off extensions

I’ve searched and searched for this issue and I’ve come up with nothing.

I’ve got a Freepbx version running asterisk 11.17.1. I’ve got about 500 hosted extensions running on it. CPU loads can hit 50% during the day, nothing too bad.

When I hit apply settings though it takes a couple minutes to reload, I expect that with that many extensions. However, during the reload, about 30% of the extensions will lose their registration, those 30% phones will say “No Service”. Once the reload is done they will come back within a minute. No other call functionality is affected. Calls in progress are fine.

The weird thing is I’m now seeing a second server in our farm do the same thing. This one is running running Asterisk 13.0.1

Any ideas or anywhere I can look?

More on this… I can actually reproduce this error in Freepbx 13 as well as the other servers now so that’s happening on 3 different machines across 3 different versions. The latest has about 200 extensions.

It sounds like a performance thing in the depths of FreePBX. Have you submitted at ticket in the Issues page?

I haven’t submitted a ticket yet no, just strange that I’m able to get it to happen on 3 different versions, I would think that it would be happening to others as well?

That’s why you’d need to supply debug output. Just because you’re the only one seeing (or reporting) it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Of course, it could be that you’ve tightened something up too much and made the system fragile,

I don’t think it’s something the forums can help you with without a LOT more information.

All of those asterisk versions you mentioned are pretty badly out of date. Can you upgrade to the latest, first, before spending too much time on it? There’s been plenty of ‘asterisk crashes on reload’ bugs that have been fixed since Asterisk 13.0.1

This is Asterisk limitation. When sip driver is being reloaded it can not reply to any request it gets and you have phones who’s registrations are timing out because the sip driver in asterisk can not reply.

In FreePBX 13 we did lots of improvements to reloads to make it faster but we can’t solve the underlying asterisk side of a sip rleoad.

Thanks! what about setting a higher qualifier? Would that cause the registrations to at least go stale and not throw a “No service” light on the phone? The “no service” light is where the issue is because the users complain about it every time there is a reload