Apply same settings to extentions

Under extensions>advanced settings, I’d like to permit a specific IP range which is the IP from the SIP provider. Is there a way to apply this to all extensions at once? Or do you have to apply it one extension at a time?

Why on earth would you point your extensions at your SIP provider’s number? Your extensions shouldn’t be talking to your SIP provider, they should be talking to your server (wherever it is). Asterisk and FreePBX need to be in the middle of the call.

AFAIK, there’s no way to “mass update” your settings without using the “Mass Update” module under the “Admin” tab.

Hi. Thank you for the response. I am very new to VoIP and me and a fellow junior were tasked to build and manage a
VoIP system built from AsteriskNOW. What I am trying to do is implement some sort of security that only calls will be routed through the PBX if they are sourced from the SIP provider’s IP. The PBX we built is acting as a VoIP proxy basically.

And we arent pointing the extensions to the number of the SIP provider. We are permitting their IP only. Is that right and is that secure? See this image below. It is under the extension advanced settings. If I put the Provider’s IP under permit will that accomplish what I’m trying to do which is allow calls only sourced from the provider?

It’s not secure and it not required. This is the deny/allow for the specific extension, which should almost certainly never be at your ITSP.

Your phones are going to be someplace specific (like in the local LAN or on a VPN) or they aren’t (in the wild out on the Internet). This is the “deny/allow” address range for this extension. Adding your ITSP means that anyone that gets into your ITSP (or appears to) can then connect to your system as if they were an extension and dial all they want. Not recommended. If you do set this to your ITSP, the only way you will be able to call is from your ITSP’s server. I don’t think they are going to let you do that, and your extensions in the local network will not be able to connect.

Your phones connect to your PBX, your PBX connects to other PBXs and other people’s phones.