Apply configuration changes

Hi, I think I’ve just come across a browser-related update bug…

It’s an asterisk server running Centos 4.4 x86_64 (with all updates to date, so may now be Centos 4.5).

I updated it today from FreePBX 2.3 Beta1 to -RC1
(Using the full .tar file as per the instructions, to avoid any chance of the database problem I had on my test system).

The popup window does not display correctly. It was transparent to the point of almost being invisible while doing module updates, and when trying to do an ‘Apply configuration changes’ most of the time it just sits there with the text semi-visible and does nothing, I have to reload the page to get rid of it.

Once out of many tries it actually reloaded, and whilst it was reloading it became properly visible.

The browser on the machine is firefox-

It behaves perfectly & reloads fine using IE7 from a nearby Windows XP box.

I have the same problem on FC6 64 bit firefox 1.5.0 as tadpole.
If I disable CSS I can find the link and click it.

Hey I just noticed something. The reload works with konquerer and my windows version of firefox.

However the link displays this /admin/config.php?type=setup&display=devices&extdisplay=5051#

as opposed the the /admin/config.php?handler=reload as described above. AFTER using the reload
most of my other problems dissappeard as well.

Does handler=reload rebuild the astdb as well?

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