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The APPLY CONFIG button needs to be done away with, and any configuration changes need to be saved in the background. This will speed up the processing when making changes, adding, editing etc.

yes and no, or rather other things should be changed, because for many modules such as sangoma connect or other APIs, an update and related application leads to the restart of the services, and therefore a drop in calls in progress

Processes which require a reboot are done anyway when you module update is run automatically. The APPLY CONFIG should be run in the backgroung so when you click submit its saved immediately. This also speeds up processing as well, because our freepbx OS has so many DIDs and extensions that when you make changes it take a long time to process saving before you can do anything else.

I have 1500 extensions, but the functioning is not exactly as you describe it, when you update a module this is not loaded until the config is applied… then it could also be that the system applies the config in the background but only on input of the user. For me it would be more useful in the case of multi-users who manage the system as admin to understand what someone else has done before applying the config. Freepbx doesn’t even tell you if there are 2 admins who are perhaps working on the same extension

I’m not sure that you realise that Apply Config actually reloads the whole Asterisk configuration. Asterisk tries to do this in a way that doesn’t cause disruption when a particular object doesn’t change, but it still does most of the work of loading the whole configuration.

I’d also suggest that many people want to do coordinated changes, so the Asterisk configuration should only be updated once all the changes have been entered.

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I understand very well what you are saying and in fact it wasn’t me who was asking for a background application.

However, in 2024, asking work teams perhaps located in different geographical locations to coordinate (such as on the phone? via chat via ticket? :slight_smile: before carrying out perhaps a trivial modification and avoiding overlaps does not seem so difficult to me… as well as have a log of the changes made by each admin. Sometimes I happened to go into the console and see Apply Config in red because someone had forgotten and I didn’t know what they had changed.

I don’t believe that coordinated was necessarily referring to different teams, but operations. If applying isn’t triggered by the individual doing configuration at the end but instead automatically done as changes are made then it is possible for the system to be in a broken state until you are completely finished with all changes across the system.

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When you use other VOIP switches, when you press submit the action is submitted and loaded instantly as a background process. I fail to see the need for the APPLY CONFIG button as it does not tell you what another person has done and or allow you to undo something which has been submitted. Its pointless and slows the whole system down!

The changes are applied immediately to FrePBX’s database. In other switches that might make the change immediately available online. However, Asterisk, as used by FreePBX, is controlled by text based configuration files, and Apply Config, first regenerates all of those, then asks Asterisk to re-read them all.

There is still no reason why this cannot be a background process, as you cannot do anything while it processes after clicking APPLY CONFIG and this takes ages to process

Correct and calling on the reload when you hit the save button will also take ages to process because it is the same exact process. Hitting Apply Config or having the config applied on a save will trigger the same process. If it takes 45 seconds for the reload process to happen when you hit Apply Config, it will take 45 seconds when you hit the save button.

The reload process, no matter how you trigger, is regenerating all the config files at this point. So it if needs to get 1500 extensions from the database, it takes as long as it takes to get 1500 extensions, loop through them and write out their config portions of the extensions_additional.conf. If there are 30 Ring Groups, same thing. There are 40 queues, it’s not only writing to the extensions_additiona.conf file but also the queues_additional.conf file. Parking, same thing.

So the only thing this will speed up, is the time difference it takes you between hitting the save button and the apply config button. That’s it.