Apply Config - What if I don't want to?!

I have experienced, and seen posts on this site by others with this issue:

“I have an outstanding ‘apply config’ and I don’t recall changing any configs, and I don’t know what it is going to do”.

Two questions arise:

  1. Is there some way of knowing what config changes are about to be applied when you push the big red button?
  2. Can I 'back out" instead ? ie - is there a ‘discard unapplied changes’ option hidden somewhere?

I haven’t found an answer to either question. Can anyone help?

  1. No
  2. No

Ok, I had feared that these were the answers…

[Rhetorical Question]

What, cosmically, is the point?

If I can’t back out… I have no option other than proceed… why do I have to click another button to ‘apply’?

[\Rhetorical Question]

Its FreePBX design 101. I would read up on how retrieve_conf in FreePBX works and what that does.

Was unhappy not knowing what was changed, so i logged in via shell made a copy of /etc/asterisk applied the changes, and then did a diff of the two folders. found the changes were likely from the previous admin, for some sip provider name changes, that were ok.

It’s nice to be able to make multiple changes and not have them affect Asterisk until after hours.

I’d imagine some pioneering soul could hook into the reload process and make a file backup part of that process, allowing a comparison of the two versions.