Apply Config takes over 1 minute


I have a client who is running FreePBX v10.13.66-20, which was upgraded from the v6.xx track a few weeks ago. Since then the client has been “noticing” things that they are attributing to the upgrade, but in fact I think have always been there but they are just more sensitive. The latest issue is the long reload time after hitting “Apply Config”. It takes about a minute to fully reload. They have increased the number of CPUs but it still takes a long time. In addition, the httpd and PHP processes eat up 75%+ CPU during that time (and load increases, sometimes as high as 3 or 4, but does go down to less than one once the reload is complete)

To be fair, before the upgrade, the Apply Config did always take a long time, which I have always attributed to the large config it has to reload (650 or so extensions). I still attribute it to that, but I wanted to check if there was anything else to check/tweak?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

This won’t affect reload time. Reloading is single threaded

This is a reasonable reload time for a system of this size.