Apply config not working for users in v15 with delegated permissions


I want to give access to one of the users to be able to change a System recording so I gave that user access through user management, when the user logs into the GUI admin login they can see system recordings but when they upload system recordings and click submit they don’t get the red apply config button on the top I used to set this up all the time on freepbx 14 without any issues the version I have problems with is FreePBX any area I give the user access when they click submit they will not see the red apply config button, but when I login from the main admin account I see the Rhett apply config button after they make changes


I have opened a bug report


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You need to give them access to the apply changes bar as well.


What’s the path to that setting without giving access to every setting full administrator to that user

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Not sure I understand your question.

In the picture you posted, you gave them access to CDR, CEL and System Recordings. You need to add the Apply Changes Bar. Adding the Apply Changes Bar does not give them access to the entire Admin GUI.


oh I see it now I didn’t know it was part of the permissions I assumed when I gave access they automatically get the option to apply config on the access they got, I am closing the ticket,thank you so much

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