Apply Config much slower upon switching to 64bit

I think it takes about three times longer to update.

64bit code can take longer to execute. Pointers are twice as large and because the language wants to align everything the data structures in ram are at least twice as large. As a result let’s say you are running asterisk on a 4GB system which in 32 bit mode the BIOS gives you 3.5 usable, well let’s say your 32bit asterisk is using up 3GB of ram, well everything fits nicely with no swapping to disk. Now you put it to 64bit and while yes you can access the full 4GB ram well suddenly asterisk wants 6GB ram so now you are paging to the disk and swapping like the dickens.

IMHO unless you have hundreds of extensions (or thousands perhaps) there is zero benefit to 64 bit code other than the inevitable my — is bigger than your — sort of technical boasting idea that since it has more bits it MUST be better.

You violated the cardinal rule - if it ain’t broke don’t fix it - and you’re paying the price!

Well, Interesting, but going forward the path seems to be only 64bit so I wanted to get on the path. Lots of talk about features in 14 so I expect to get there eventually.
I was suspicious of memory. Also, the distro installs with everything but the kitchen sink in the way of modules so I need to do some weeding. I think the distros should be built without the non-mainstream modules as they can be installed as needed rather that removed.


The system installs with over a dozen commercial modules that expire after 30 days as a way of advertising you might say, so weeding is pretty important.

I wouldn’t assume anything on the 64bit vs 32bit. “Stable” is the current release but that implies that it’s essentially a beta test version. “Legacy” was the prior version but it’s available in both 32bit and 64bit. Have you read something in the forums saying that when “Stable” moves to “legacy” status that they won’t release both a 32 bit and 64 bit?

FreePBX Distro 10.13 is the last distro with a 32 bit version.

The raspberry pi fans are gonna hate that… :slight_smile:

I suppose someone could compile a 32 bit debian system and put FreePBX 14 on it if they really wanted to…

These days I’m telling people to put 16GB of ram in desktops when they buy them, Windows code bloat, ya know. Pretty funny running when the desktops are more powerful than the servers…

Pis can’t use the Distro so can’t see why they will care.


Distro !== FreePBX

They care!

Although probably not about the distro but the do care about FreePBX

Ted. Both Lorne. Myself and James have all posted in there. We are well aware of the pi community. This thread is about the distro. There is no relevance to the distro. Nothing in this thread affects the pi community. We never said they don’t care about freepbx. Lorne said they don’t care about our distro and if it’s 32 bit or 64 bit.

Can we get back on topic. Why are we talking about the pis anyways. This thread has nothing to do with that. Freepbx will run on 32 bit or 64 bit. It’s php code. It’s irrelevant.

Installed some additional but slower memory (4gb total) didn’t speed up the Apply Config so I am thinking it is not so much memory as it is quantity of modules is greater. Planning to install 4gb of faster memory just for grins.

It’s the same between 13 and 14 +1 for calendar. Thats all

Sure, but I had remove many modules in 13, sorry I didn’t mention that. Will be doing the same to the upgrade when I get a chance. Makes for smaller full disk backups.

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