Apply Config Failure after Core update

Getting the following error when trying to apply changes after an update to Core_2.11.0.27 from core_2.11.0.24.

Reload failed because retrieve_conf encountered an error: 255

exit: 255
found language dir fr for directory, not installed on system, skipping
PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function exists() on a non-object in /var/www/html/admin/modules/core/ on line 997
1 error(s) occurred, you should view the notification log on the dashboard or main screen to check for more details.

Looking into the PHP code on lin 997 and its checking a callrecording_uid. Call Recording is enabled on the box (v2.11.0.8) so I am not sure what is going on.

Any ideas how I could roll back to fix this issue.


Looks like the function is checking if Core Module has MISSING_CALLRECORDS. Exists function seems to be missing though.
Line 997

<?PHP> <------><------>if($nt->exists($modulename, $callrecording_uid)) { <------><------><------>$notifications =& notifications::create($db); <------><------><------>$notifications->delete($modulename, $callrecording_uid); <------><------>}

I noticed the same problem. I successively upgraded to .28, then .29, then .30.

28 & 29 both failed, 30 worked!

Good luck!

Sorry guys we fixed a bug in call recording that of course introduced a new bug. Its all fixed in .30 now.

In FreePBX 12 this will all be easier as we can tag a specific module for beta so you can decide if you want to try the specific beta module or not and we can have more testing before pushing bug fixes out. As always bug fixes always have the risk of introducing a new bug.

Thanks Tony,
Updated to .30 and config applied successfully.


Thanks, Tony! Looking forward to the Beta indicator!

Appreciate the quick response.