Apply config does not go away with running fwconsole reload as a cronjob

I have two freepbx version 14 , PBX Firmware:12.7.4-1712-2.sng7
PBX Service Pack:
Running fwconsole reload every night using cronjob as root, I still see apply config is red in the web. If I run cronjob manually, or fwconsole reload from ssh, after second reload, I see apply config is not there…Any Idea why we have this issue?

I did some more tests, with edit on extenstion, routes, ring groups I have this issue, after running fwconsole rel, apply config is red till we do apply config from web, but adding extensions, routes or other items, which needs apply config, cronjob will be run and page is updated with no red apply config .

This is the only pbx we have this issue with, we do run cronjob for all of our pbxs after midnight and all are working

Not really, unless you aren’t refreshing your browser. It shouldn’t take two reloads to clear it, and it should clear on the first one.

with edit on different items, like extensions and route , I see this issue and with fwconsole rel , apply config remains red. I do refresh web page. With add , or delete , thats fine, with fwconsole reload and refresh, apply config disappears.

No idea - with an installation this big, there are always going to be oddities. The community has done a lot of work with big installations, and anything over 2000 extensions becomes unstable in ways that resemble the problems you are seeing.

We have about 25 pbxs, all version 13, some of them has more than 1500 extensions, but these two specific ones with version 14 has less than 300, I believe that is a bug. Anyway, we opened a bug report, awaiting for their reply

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