"Apply Config" button always showing

Why is it that whenever I login to the PBX the red “Apply Config” button shows even though I didn’t make any changes. PBXAct UC25. When I press it, nothing gets changed since there were no changes made.

If you have updates set to install automatically, that will trigger a reload when you next login.


I don’t understand why after auto updates the ‘Apply Config’ button needs to show.

Every single other device/software works like this - if auto updates are enabled then that means they are AUTOmatically installed and taken care of without need to “Apply” it… for example- server, NAS, iphone, other PBX, etc. they will auto update and you aren’t prompted to apply it when AUTO is set explicitly to yes.
Can sangoma fix this so ‘Apply Config’ isn’t shown for auto updates.

Suppose you had staged some updates but didn’t want to apply them yet.

I see, Thanks.

the option “Advanced Settings → Reload Config After Automatic Module Updates → Yes” fixes this. Sangoma please make request to change the default option for this setting to YES (it’s currently default as No which doesn’t return expected behaviour)

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