Applications supported by freepbx

Are all applications provided by asterisk, supported at freepbx. Applications like trysyte, sendDTMF and other apps?

If yes then could these apps be used with all its parameters? I mean is there this flexibility?

If not, then is there a way to overcome this issue?

Not all modiles are supported by FPBX directly (examples would be radius or pgsql or corosync ), but asterisk is asterisk so if the modules are compiled, configured and loaded , they will work as advertised even if you cant get to do that from the gooey

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Same thing as for applications?
Or all of them are supported from gooey?

If not then i have to read the manual(which i already started with) in order to know where i should configure
and would not interfere with freepbx “apply changes” then reload, right?

Same thing for modules, functions, applications, channel drivers, language used for AGI, everything in fact.

FPBX uses a subset of asterisk’s abilities that you can manage with a bunch of provided php and javascript code which run within a webserver but also provides plenty of ‘hooks’ to add your own function.

‘apply changes’ will effectively rebuild all *additional.conf files in astetcdir and then ‘reload asterisk’ , if you work within that behavior , then evey-body is happy

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If i understood exactly what i said, you mean apply changes will affect additional.conf files thus i must add anything i need in a file where apply changes must not affect! Then i restart asterisk, then everybody is happy

Pretty well, fwconsole reload applies any pending changes to ‘additional’ files then applies a dialplan reload` so changes you made will also be applied.

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Just to make things straight:
1-I should add my dialplan in the right place which is in one of the extensions.conf additional files
2-fwconsole reload
3-dialplan reload
I hope this is right

@dicko is it right?


1 is plain wrong, again use override or custom as appropriate,

3 is included in 2, but 2 is not included in 3.

(You have several hundred pages more to read before asking your next question :slight_smile:
Add the FPBX wiki to your required reading list

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There are files in the configuration directory that have “custom” and “override” in their names. For example, '" would be where you put elements that do not replace or compete with FreePBX and Asterisk pre-defined contexts.

Let’s say you needed to add a context called “call-dtmf-from-cat”. Well, there’s nothing that looks anything like that in ‘extensions.conf’ (the Asterisk config) or ‘extensions_additional.conf’ (the FreePBX config), so you can add it to ‘extensions_custom.conf’.

If there is a point of competition, then you’ll need to use the ‘extensions_override_freepbx.conf’ (SIC, check in /etc/asterisk) file. This loads first, so the stuff supplants the stuff from both the extensions.conf and extensions_additional.conf.

Now, your documentation may say something like "Add the following line to the context ‘from-pstn’ or ‘default’. You can use the ‘override’ context to actually change the standard ‘from-pstn’ context or you can add a new context in the custom file and change the name.

In FreePBX, the ‘default’ context is ‘from-pstn’ (we don’t use ‘default’) so your choices may seem to get overwhelming. When you get to the point you need specific advice, we’ll be here for you.

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