Application Timeouts

We are using Yealink T46G phones.

It is understood the manufacturer has failed to correct their XML implementation and Schmooze has limited ability to correct the Apps on Yealink phones.

To get out of an application in which I am stuck I have two choices; remove and replace the receiver or wait 40 or so seconds. It is this wait time that is of interest. Is it possible to supply the end user the ability to modify the application timeout by application? The phone apps would be very acceptable to me if I can lower the time out to 5 seconds or so.

The apps are great but provide for a poor experience on these phones (only with regards to exiting them.) I’m under the dilemma as to recommit to another manufacturer or try and find an acceptable workaround.

Do you think Yealink will ever correct their code to be used correctly with the Phone Apps? Is it possible to allow a means to manually set application timeouts?