Appliance model from command line

Is it possible to get the appliance model from the console for FreePBX or PBXact?
I see the ‘fwconsole sysadmin info’ command but that just returns the zend deployment ID / name

I hope SOMEONE answers this. We’re trying to do the same thing - I assume you are doing automated asset management and want to be able to read the make/model/serial number automatically from the agent.

I tried to do this but can only find a Zen deployment number. Anyone at Sangoma have an answer?

Asset management is real important at larger companies, and I don’t want to have to manually get it from PBX’s at every audit.

I’m not really familiar, but i think this is more a CentOS question rather than a FreePBX question.

This sounds like a job for “feature request” - especially since you are trying to get specific information for your specific asset management system. Hint: the person that asks first get the best answer.

I actually want to avoid anything specific to one asset manager agent. Most (open source and some closed source) asset management agents let you run any script which writes to stdout:

Make: ABC
Model: DEF
Serial: 12345

etc. which is then shipped off to the server using the agent. So if there is any executable that I can call from a BASH script it will work perfectly! Sort of like ‘fwconsole sa info’ (which only gives a deployment number). I would like to get the Sangoma appliance model and serial number. I figure there must be simple way to get this; it’s probably already there I just cant find it!

It doesn’t make any difference how many different ways you ask the question - the answer is still the same.

We don’t store it anywhere. Sorry all we store is deployment ID.

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