Apple's Enhanced Voice Service interoperability?

I love the sound of calls placed on my iPhone to another iPhone with the right carrier where everything clicks and the 20khz voice quality comes in loud and clear. I’d love to be able to extend this to my freepbx. We use freepbx for a national call in talk show and it would really be swell if there was a way to utilize this codec. Any one know if this is even possible? I’m assuming I’d have to get trunks from a certain carrier and possibly some dedicated circuits and license the codec… but is this even a thing? Google hasn’t turned up anything useful. Figured I’d check with the smart guys here to see if such a thing exists.

What you said about the right carrier is the important part. If the call is iPhone <> iPhone over the same carrier then the call never leaves the carrier network and they can freely use higher cost codecs at little cost to them (i.e. no transcoding).

However, the PSTN is tech agnostic. Your callers could be calling from VoIP, another mobile carrier and there’s still about 18-20% of TDM traffic traversing the PSTN. So unless your provider is going to offer more than g729 or g711 you are going to be stuck with those codecs because transcoding is expensive and carriers like to keep that expense low.

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