Appending # end of the dial number

Hi all I have requirement to auto append # end of the dialing number that going from a sip trunk by the asterisk, any idea how to do that using freeBPX

will it work if i add XXXXXXXXXXX+# to the “outgoing dial rules” of the sip trunk in the freeBPX

Thanks in advance.

I don’t think you are going to be able to do that anywhere in the GUI.

You will probably have to do something like define:


and in there right dialplan that checks if the ‘#’ needs to be post-pended and do it there if required.

Thanks for the info,

is there any possibility give some a little explanation how to do the thing you mention, i think i have to edit the extensions.conf fro this ryt???

sorry for the stupid question’s I’m new to this…

Thanks in advance…