Append digits to CID

I have a client on Ring Central (I know…BOOO!). He has 5 DIDs and a single instrument on his desk. Calls hit an auto-attendant, and based on caller input, hit a voicemail of announcement or a ring group comprised of the desk phone and group of cell phones in a ring group. Pretty standard stuff. Here’s the interesting part: When the calls go to the ring group and appear on the cell phones, there is a string of digits that are appended to the original Caller ID so they know which DID was called. 111,222,333, etc. I’ve looked in all the places in my PBX that I would think this can be done, but I’ve yet to find it. Can we do it, and if so, how? The goal is to get this guy off Ring Central and over to an on-prem solution.

Have you looked at the SetCallerID Module yet?

Everywhere but there. Okay. So I set one up (on my lab PBX), with (from what I can tell it needs to be) The Caller ID number field looking like this: ${CALLERID(111)}. Then I routed the DID to that Set Caller ID thing. The destination of the module is my ring group. Calls still come through without the appended digits.

Oh wait…RTFM. Hang on a minute.

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${CALLERID}(111) perhaps, since ${CALLERID} is the name of the variable?

Here’s what worked: ${CALLERID(num)}111

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