Append CID/CNAME on forwarded call

I have a trunk that is setup specifically to forward outside calls to a certain internal extension back out a SIP trunk to another external number. Is there a way to append CID information to these calls, so the number I am forwarding these calls to can see that they are coming from the internal extension?

Yes, there are several ways to do that.

Zeroeth, make sure your outbound trunk provider is not setting the caller ID after your PBX sets it. Many ISDN and all POTS lines have set Caller ID values that you cannot override. Other providers may not allow “foreign” caller IDs on your outbound lines.

First, make sure you aren’t setting the outbound trunk’s caller ID for the call to the external number. You may also need to mark this route as an Intracompany route so that the Caller ID can be manipulated.

Second, set up a specific route for the outbound call directed by outbound number. This way, you can control exactly how the call goes out.

Third, you may need to review the Trust-RPID options.

If all else fails, you may need to reroute the call through the SetCallerID function.

Whenever I do this, I use the Misc Destination (as I recall) to control the destination of the outbound call. In other words, I don’t trust any of the “number followed by #” silliness you see from time to time. I positively control access to the outbound numbers and make sure I always control how those calls are being processed.

Thanks for the reply! I’ll give this a shot.