app_queue.c warnings in my full.log

(system is Distro FreePBX 12.0.67 + Asterisk Ver. 11.14.2, all up to date after this morning update.)

This warning - it is unlikely it’s only recent - appeared some time ago (in fact I think since I started using the queue function, probably, /with/ the setting of ‘mark answered elsewhere’ being on) I just happened to lauch the log viewer this morning and saw this. Note I do use D&E mode on chan_sip technology.

Other than this(ese) warning(s) being a spark for curiosity, everything seems to be working.

[2015-06-15 09:48:56] WARNING[19535] app_queue.c: Unknown keyword in queue ‘200’: answered_elsewhere at line 13 of queues.conf

(this one, I know I have set to ON in my queue settings)

Does it mean, the answered_elsewhere option is actually doing nothing?
(I use D&E mode as I have several SIP hard/soft devices within reach of an agent, and thought the answered_elsewhere would stop the phones from showing missed calls; which apparently did not happen, and now this warning, is I suspect why…)

[2015-06-15 09:48:56] WARNING[19535] app_queue.c: Unknown keyword in queue ‘200’: monitor-join at line 25 of queues.conf
(not sure which one this corresponds to)

My queue options set are:
(on/off = checkbox, otherwise the text of choice selected [e.g. skip busy agents=yes]

  • queue no answer : ON
  • generate device hints : OFF
  • call confirm : OFF
  • agent restrictions : call as dialed
  • ring strategy : ringall
  • autofill : ON
  • skip busy agents : Yes
  • MoH class : ring only
  • mark calls as answered elsewhere : ON
  • join empty : ON
  • leave empty : ON
  • event when called : disabled
  • member status event : disabled

(hope that’s all relevant)
Hope this helps.

This is fixed in 13 (FREEPBX-8610) I think the fix should patch in to 12 without any grief, Let me look in to it.

Thanks for your reply ! Hopefully this will play out well, thanks in advance.

Will the patch ported to FPBX12 / Asterisk 11 also be just removing the ‘answered_elsewhere’ and other options actually? as the link suggests ? Meaning this option does nothing anyway ?
( Asterisk 11 queue app documentation seems to suggest otherwise btw. (or just says nothing about it working or not) )
( found some more history)
(asterisk12 does not seem to be deprecating the ‘answered elsewhere’ option either)

(please don’t take it wrong - whatever you decide is the right way to fix/improve this, your call, I’m just curious)

[EDIT] Ok I see now, the ’ the ‘C’ option to the queue app is passed in the dialplan… ’ portion. So whoever wants to actually use it, should rather pass it in the string tTrC form for the extension or the queue instead ?

In addition to above, I can see the following in

SIP/MYTRUNKNAME-0 [email protected]:42 Up Queue(200,tCr,10,)

when a call makes it through the queue.

So, it (the warning) is actually only about the config file keyword then?