app_queue adding random agents during a call

Hi all. Had a customer complaining about this for a long time, could never verify it was happening as it was intermittent, and they have a high enough call volume that looking for something like this is like a needle in a haystack without any phone numbers to reference, or call times.

So, occasionally, a call will come in, the caller will dial the person they’re trying to reach, and will end up getting someone they didn’t dial. Now, my setup:
This is an old box; was trixbox, was upgraded to asterisknow, and then upgraded to freepbx. Using FreePBX 6.12.65-30. Running on real hardware.

So, I followed the logs through the call and found the guy call in, dial the individual’s extension (114). His 114 extension has a follow-me that goes to a queue (16). The 16 queue is a queue with one static agent, extension 114. The queue plays an announcement and announces wait time, and caller position in queue. The user can press ‘1’ to breakout to the extensions voicemail.

Now, this works 95% of the time. However, sometimes the call will just start going to another extension at the same time while it’s in queue 16 (or any other queue; we have about 5-6 users with this sort of follow-me/queue setup). It’s like the PBX just decides to add a random agent in there.

Here’s a pastebin (replaced the calling phone number with XXXXXXXXXX):
Around line 273, you can see extension 107 somehow suddenly become part of the call.

Can someone explain this to me? Is this a freepbx bug? I saw “LazyMember” in there; isn’t that a VQPlus thing? I’ve got VQPlus installed but disabled…