app_meetme v app_confbridge

I have FreePBX 2.10 and Asterisk 1.8 running on CentOS. I am experiencing weirdness around the conferences.

In the Advanced Settings, Conf Room App is set to app_confbridge. When I try to change it to app_meetme, after saving and reloading, it reverts back to confbridge.

The weirdness is that when you join a meeting, it doesn’t beep like it used to. (until recentely, we were on asterisk 1.4 on older hw). Quiet Mode is set to NO. I added a beep sound, and set it to play that beep in ‘Join Message’, but only the person joining hears the beep, not anyone else already in the conference. So you never know when someone else joins.

Any ideas? At this point, all I really care about it getting it to beep to everyone in the conference when someone enters or exits the conference.


Is it possible that app_meetme is not compiled?

Yes, you’re probably right. But I thought app_meetme was deprecated in favor of app_confbridge? Surely there is a way to get it to beep to all participants when someone enters/leaves the bridge?