APIs to connect to social media

Hello i am a new user of FreePBX and Linux also. I have some questions relate to APIs, does FreePBX has APIs to connect to social media such as alert or can i do it within FreePBX’s functionality?
Thank in advance!

Not really.

There are lots of ways to do something like this, but none of them are something I’d suggest doing in a forum post. You’re going to be Googling for a couple of weeks before you begin to understand the Galaxy of possibilities.

Also, FreePBX is (largely) a Management GUI for Asterisk, so whatever you find is going to have to work with Asterisk first. Hope that helps.

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There was some work done on this for a Facebook integration. I am not endorsing this but posting the link just to aid in your research. https://pbxinaflash.com/community/threads/facebook-messenger-webhooks.21879/

If you are new to FreePBX and Linux, this is probably not for you. You can do almost any kind of integration using scripting and everything Asterisk offers, but it requires some pretty deep understanding.

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Some items exist in superfecta. The ideal situation would be to do a hook and send notifications to IFTTT which can intern do thousands of things such as pop up on facebook messenger, log to a spreadsheet, tweet, text you etc.


Thank you so much for your suggestions @cynjut

@billsimon Now i’m getting better understand about it. Thank you so much

@jfinstrom I have seen it a few times about IFTTT but honestly, i can not much understand about it. Could you guide me more about it?
Thank you so much

@jfinstrom now i’m getting better understand about it but what types of APIs that PBX used in ?

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