API URL not found on server (FPBX15 Warm Spare Setup)

I had two V14 systems setup as warm spare and they stopped working so I upgraded each to V15. I followed the warm spare setup but the last step doesn’t seem to be working. If I select connect to warm spare over SSH then all the api info disappears and the backup is just sent to the secondary server but it isn’t restored.

When I choose API as the connect to warm spare option and input the API info from the warm spare it tells me it can not connect

The only issue I see there being the api info generated on the warm spare uses the WAN IP of the system and I substituted the LAN IP which I wouldn’t think would matter. When I try to access the api on the secondary server -


Oh my setup the warm spare is listening on port 2001. Your screenshots don’t include the URL and you are not explicitly mentioning it in your post but maybe append the correct listening port to the IP address?

I did manually alter this. The Token URL generated by the warm spare had the WAN IP of the primary

Hmm, port 83 is typically the phone provisioning port. Maybe on 15 it’s 83 for API access?

Port Management in System Admin does indicate port 83 is for API

Ok, that must have been the case for v15 then. Mine is on v16. I am honestly not sure what could be wrong. Are you at the latest versions for all modules on both the systems?

Completely up to date. What’s odd is the backup does transfer to the secondary server via SSH so the connection is good. Both systems are on the same local network so it can’t be a firewall thing.

Do you have two network interfaces in the warm spare? I guess I am also not sure how it’s pulling your external IP.

I do not. It just grabs the WAN IP as opposed to the LAN IP

Use the port you would use to access the GUI.


Spot on! Thanks

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