API to create user


Is there any api to create new extension ?

We are using freepbx 14

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No, that would require you to code your own. Not hard to do but that would be the course of action.

There is a lot of interaction when you create an extension. Do you know if this something they plan to do or not all ?

I’m not really sure if it’s in any roadmap or not considering that this can all be done via the Admin GUI. What is the need for the API?

Yes. It’s on the roadmap for the new version.

Version upgrader is coming out very soon. You can create an extension right now from the code base.

You can also create a user and a device because we do support this mode. Regardless of what others say.

Do you have a link to the feature request that I can watch? I’ve been waiting for this feature for a while.

You can create extensions from the CLI using bulk import:

Edit 3 years later. There is now an API module that supports creating user/extension.

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