API for generateConfig, or alt fixes for directory issue

Using Settings > Clearly Devices > (Device) > (Gear Icon) I rebuild the phone config. I do this because every time there is a Directory update, we have to manually rebuild the phone config in this manner on about 200 devices to get the directory to update on the phone?

Is anyone aware of a GraphQL or Rest API that can do the same?

I have discovered I can simplify the task using “http:///admin/ajax.php?module=clearlydevices&command=generateConfig&mac=”, but an API would be better so I could automate this 100%.

Or is there some other method to update directories on phones?

You should not have to rebuild the config. The directory is a xml file that the phone caches and updates every 4 hours. When in the directory app there is also a refresh button they will pull down a new xml.

Hi Tony. Yeah, and some of pull the XML file directly, which works just fine (i.e. http://:(IP):2580/contacts-(MAC).xml. Users of course are not so good at parsing the XML.
However, unless we rebuild the config for the phone, the directory on the phone is not updated.
We have a contract with CS, and we’ve had one of Chris’ guys on a support call to try to figure this out, and it was he that gave us the advice to rebuild the config.

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