API-based assigning of MAC Address to extension?

using Endpoint Manager,
I can go to an extension > Other > Endpoint, and pick:

  • brand
  • MAC
  • Template
  • Model

for both a SIP and a PJSIP extension.

Is anyone aware of a GraphQL or Rest API that can do the same?
I’m trying to automate/streamline my user-creation, so that I can keep certain… individuals… as far away from admin-access to the FreePBX side of things as possible.

There are fwconsole commands for this.

So it should be possible to expand that to the API. I suspect tha tno one has looked at it yet.
The CLI stuff did not work well back in the spring of 2019 when I had a customer with the need to script things and I had a few bug tickets opened to get things working smoothly.

My thread form then: EPM not creating config file from fwconsole

API stuff for EPM is documented here
API EndPoint Module GraphQL APIs - PBX GUI - Documentation

I don’t think there are any methods yet to do what you’re requesting.

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