API and Python

Hello everyone,
I am looking for API to making calls from python but there are lots of API options in FreePBX so I quite confuse to which one I have to use and also I am new in Asterisk & FreePBX so API is tough to me to implement.

Thank you, everyone

Try to provide some link so it’s handy to me

Have u checked? https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/API

No thank you for response
So here my question, I need some help in python like how can integrate with that because I find everything about Asterisk and FreePBX but How to do anything using python, so Its very hand if you tell me about Python and Asterisk integration.
Thank you again I’ll sure look it in the link.

This question is very general. I suggest get help from some experts/developers.

Yeah alright, I’ll do

Start with


This is for a basic AMI interface. API will take more work

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