AOR 'vega' has no configured max_contacts. Vega50

This has been discussed, but no answer that I can find.
Using a PJSip trunk to connect Vega 50 to FreePBX 14.

The FreePBX works over my SIP connection, and the Vega works over the SIP connection.

I follow to the letter this: How to connect freepbx-13/PJSIP+Sangoma Vega

When I create a trunk in FreePBX, the Vega shows up in the endpoints as available, but cannot register. I get this:

[2018-03-24 14:35:41] WARNING[8593] res_pjsip_registrar.c: AOR ‘vega’ has no configured max_contacts. Endpoint ‘vega’ unable to register

Using the built in file editor, I edited pjsip.aor_custom and put the whole of pjsip.aor inside it and edited this part:

(ie added the last line to what I copied from the original unwritable pjsip.aor)

Made no difference. still get same result in the Asterisk logfile.

So am I completely missing how to change the config? Or is there something else.

If the answer is: just use Chan_sip, then is that realistic if all extensions run on Pjsip?

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