Anyway to get visual/report of where inbound routes, extensions, queues, etc go to?

I am in the process of building a new FreePBX system to replace two separate trixboxes. I am at the point where I am trying to build out IVRs, queues, ring groups, etc.

Is there an easy way or a report or visual mapping that I can see to kind tell what is used by what?

For example I would love to click on say a queue and trace it backwards to see what inbound routes, IVRs, etc use it.

i would be interested in this too.
There was a horrible to use thing like this for trixbox that showed it in a flash environment but i don’t know for here …

It was called trixboxgraph …
Hope this helps.

does anyone have any suggestions for this ??

I just googled “asterisk dialplan graphical” and got the following results:

Visual DIalplan 3.2

Interactive Dialplanner

There’s probably more out there. Just my two pennies!

I just saw the thread the other day and as people are asking for things to add to 2.11 i thought i would register that i would be interested in this feature.
I will look at your links… thanks again…