Anyway to generate a call from Script, CLI or AMI that just rings a few times?

I’m thinking for an alarm clock here rather than anything else in case you’re wondering why you’d ever want that!!


→ Call generated
→ Extension rings say three times or for 5 seconds
→ Call terminated

From AMI: " ‘Timeout’ - How long to wait for call to be answered (in ms.)."

hmmm, not sure that’s a ringing timeout…

I tried
asterisk -rx 'channel originate local/123@from-internal extension 1003@from-internal timeout 3'

where 123 is the talking clock and 1003 is a local extension and it just rings and rings, presumably up to the (30 second?) normal timeout

You are using a CLI command, which does not have a timeout. AMI, as David linked to, does have a timeout option.

ahh sorry! Will have another go! :smiley:

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