Anything special about SPA508G phones?

I have a SPA508G I decided to play with. I’m using FreePBX distro that says it is I plan on upgrading my FreePBX soon.

I got the SPA508G onto my FreePBX w/ Endpoint manager without problems. But I have questions about functionality.

My standard phones are Aastra 9143i phones. They have Line 1, Line 2, and Line 3 buttons, and also seven programmable buttons that you can use for BLF, parking, paging, etc.

I don’t really understand the SPA508G. It would appear that when it connected, I basically get eight line appearances. In Endpoint Manager, I can program speed dials two through nine. The phones seem sort of limited. Is there stuff I can do with these buttons that I’m missing? Some googling seems to indicate that they can be used for BLF. But there aren’t many.

I guess I had thought that the buttons would have some context features. Like you could press a button at the bottom and you would see a 2nd page of BLF or something.

Is that basically it? You get eight line appearances. Some of them can be switched to BLF. And if you need more, you add the side-car?

Or is there something I’m missing that this phone can do?

If you downloaded the latest endpoint manager, You should be able to program all 8 buttons to perform different functions. I submitted alot of fixes for the cisco phones over a month ago. I know that they are in there. The first screen is to program the buttons and it should give you 3 choices. BLF, Speed Dial and xml. Head over to the cisco forums. You can get info there. Here ia one link for the xml apps.

Good Luck

I would also say that aastra phones are dumb until you learn how to intergrate them in to asterisk.

gwinton, are there any sources for information on how to get started to do some of those things?

I use the phones and have them doing many things. I have buttons to look up entries in phone books, visual voicemail, intercom, park calls, Weather lookups, news reports, and many other functions. You just need to learn how the phone works. They will also run xml scripts. I like the sound quality over aastra much better.

Yup they are just a dumb normal phone.

Yes. gwinton’s changes are still part of the core 50xG series.