Anything changed with Voicemail / Digium Phones?

Has anything changed recently with regards voicemail and the digium phones module DPMA?

It used to be when I listened to a voicemail (on the phone, using the text menu system) it would mark it as read. That isn’t the case anymore.


Nothing has changed with with Digium Phones module in years, but we have been publishing new DPMA rpms to deal with the recent SSL cert issue as well as for other things.

I had a similar sounding issue. I found this post that helped with my issue: Asterisk 16.15 DPMA 3.6.0 And Visual Voice Mail Not Working

I think I’m using DPMA because I found my D50, D40 and D70 didn’t play at all nicely with the XML Digium Phones Module - does that sound right?

I’ve had a look in my Module Admin to see what version DPMA is and I can’t find it - I’ve only got Digium Phones Config ( and Digium Addons (

Hmmm. Anyway this bug is only about a week old, beginning of last week this behaviour wasn’t observed.


:smiley: I’ve come full circle, just found this when searching to find out what version of DPMA I have installed :smiley:

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