Anyone try out the latest Yealink Firmware (

Just curious if anyone has tried out the new firmware and what there experiences are. I just upgraded on a T46G and some of the new features look promising. However I cannot get the MWI LED to stop blinking since the upgrade. It flashes once about every two seconds and I don’t think it has anything to do with voicemail. Any thoughts??

The flashing LED seems to be related to the backlight/screensaver.

I have the same problem, LED keeps flashing for no good reason after upgrade to (T23G)
Did you fix this?

Hello avayax. Unfortunately no. I think this may be a firmware bug. This started with .15 release (Not sure if it is the same for the T23, I’m using T46) and I was hoping it would get fixed in the .20 release but no luck. It has something to do with the power management function. However even if you disable power management if the backlight inactive is set to off it will still blink hence why I think it may be a bug. I’ve been just using low instead of off but I know this will eventually effect screen life.
Again this is for the T4x series but may be related.

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Just added a comment on the Yealink thread you mentioned.

I also had created a new one:

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