Anyone tried freepbx on AWS EC2

I install freepbx 13 on centos 7 of AWS EC2. After reboot, we can access Web-gui and do configuration, everthing seems OK, but after restarting centos 7 and amportal start, web-gui is not accessible. restart appache, but keep same.

AWS security group keep open, so I don’t know if freepbx or AWS’s problem. Anyone tried freepbx on AWS?


I had freepbx distro running in AWS, ran fine.
Memory is hazy but I remember piping dd over ssh to create the AWS rootfs, or maybe it was rsync.
This is pretty close to what i did but to aws. source was from Virtualbox.

Either way It was something like create a ebs volume, mount to a running AWS instance, copy the data then create a new instance using the ebs vol as /

Ultimately gave up on AWS as their tools suck (seriously no web console, wtf is that) and it’s way overpriced.
Did run well enough during the free year.

Now I go back and forth between Linode and OVH depending on region and client.
Linode is bulletproof. I’ve have a client with 100+ exts running in a $10 linode for years w/o issue.

I’d guess your apache config is the issue. Anything in the logs?

Random but something about AWS struck me.

I recently migrated a server between linode accounts and the network didn’t come up.

Was this problem

Easy fix via lish or VNC with any other provider. IDN 100% what you would do in AWS, remove the MAC address before booting and hope for the best?

That is getting at why I avoid AWS like the plague.

I run a number of FreePBX boxes in Amazon AWS. I have been doing that for over 2 years now. My preference for getting a FreePBX box running in AWS is to create a VMware VM (based off the official distro) and importing it to AWS. There is a learning curve to it but once you got it you have a very flexible and inexpensive way to host VOIP.

Did you also try Elastix on AWS?

No just FreePBX. I choose FreePBX as my PBX of choice after trying most of them.

Hi, Do you have any idea why I cant load FreePBX web interface?after installing certoficate, the site went down.

Can you advice me what to do?(anyway, this FreePBX on AWS EC2 also)