Anyone mess with UniFi Talk endpoints? A neat ATA is coming out

Just curious if anyone on here has connected any UniFi Talk endpoints to FreePBX before?
I saw they have this neat ATA coming out that has both PoE and WiFi… and it’s inexpensive!
I wish Cisco, Poly, Grandstream had an ATA that could do that. I hacked together a PoE adapter that uses 5volts/1amp to power a Poly Obi 300 ATA to do something similar, but this little UniFI ATA can do all that for less $$.
Probably going to buy one when I can get my hands on one and see how this thing registers with their UniFi Talk application.

Let me know when PoWiFi becomes available. :wink: then I will be impressed.


Tell me you’re a Star Trek fan without saying you’re a Star Trek fan.

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Star Trek? There can’t be any Star Trek fans here! :wink: :smile:

No telling when ThinkGeek will restock these wireless extension cords.


what the what? :laughing:

Damn - Thank You - I just picked up a new client that has their entire office setup with Star Trek Motif, all the way down to the nurses wearing Star Trek shirts. The boss will flip when he sees this.

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