Anyone know the URL string format for user contact picture?

The Grandstream phones have a way to pull a contact pic based on a URL supplied during call setup (it’s expected the system would send the picture URL along with the initial call ringing into the phone, then the phone goes and pulls the contact image). I know there’s a way to put contact pics in the User Manger, and I’d assume those somehow translate to a URL… Anyone know what that format would be?

Actually, a follow-up to that… Is there any way to make the FPBX system an LDAP directory, so the phones can simply look up the contact details (like they naturally do anyway)? I would assume that if it can do that, it derives its data from the User Manager (which has the picture in in the record).

Nobody has any idea about this ?

The URL string generated by FreePBX is in a variable in EPM.



It outputs like this:<specific hex token>&did=

Obviously the phone is designed to append the DID info.

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