Anyone in Vegas early and want to hook up?

I’m here for day 0, but I’m not a day 0 kind of guy. Anyone else show up early and want to do something? Post here or PM me and maybe we can find something to do.

Also, while I’m in Las Vegas, here are some tips:

  1. they don’t give a shit here about FreePBX, trixbox, Asterisk or your dog (cats aren’t even an afterthought.)

  2. tits.

  3. The house always wins.

  4. more tits.

  5. Ethan is pretty damn cool, when he’s not trying to outsmart video poker machines. When he is, it’s hilarious (but not cool.)

  6. share a cab, the shuttles take too goddamn long.

  7. if some random woman asks you “are you going back to your room without me?” then she’s probably a hooker. Especially if you’re a doughy, married, white guy with no redeeming features.

I need to go find some Tums now.

(Just to be clear, this is supposed to be humorous hyperbole.)